Lassen 2007

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Lassen (72)
Morning water gathering.
Lassen (76)
Water filtering.
Lassen (78)
Check out these footprints!
GOtgm (33)
Lassen (80)
Dayhiking towards the lava dam at the lake's north end.
Lassen (84)
Rest day good!
Lassen (85)
Dramatic contrast between lava dam & rest of lakeshore.
Lassen (87)
The dam consists of a jumble of volcanic rocks, LOTS of rocks.
Lassen (91)
Below these rocks, water seeps north to Butte Lake.
Lassen (99)
Lunch on the warm sand at the foot of the Fantastic Lava Beds.
Lassen (104)
Heading towards the Cinder Cone, the colors become more varied.
Lassen (111)
The andesite & basaltic andesite that make up the lava beds...
Lassen (122)
...orignate from a Cinder Cone eruption in AD 1630-1670...
Lassen (128)
...according to USGS radiocarbon dating of downed trees...
Lassen (127)
...and analysis of magnetization in the rock.
Lassen (125)
TGM & the GO are dots on the trail sloping up the Cinder Cone.
Lassen (129)
A spot of color.
Lassen (133)
Back at our Snag Lake campsite.