Lassen 2007

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Lassen (36)
We decided to continue to Swan Lake. The weather got dramatic.
Lassen (40)
Not exactly the hoped-for Indian summer.
Lassen (42)
At least we were equipped....
GOtgm (14)
...and could retreat into the relative warmth of our tents.
GOtgm (11)
This hiker will think twice before wading a creek in her boots.
GOtgm (12)
Evening scene at Swan Lake.
GOtgm (18)
After a chilly night, morning brought welcome clear skies.
GOtgm (17)
Lassen (47)
GOtgm (20)
Snag Lake is the day's destination.
GOtgm (23)
Searching for the source of avian gabble at Rainbow Lake.
We continued to Snag Lake, red dot shows campsite.
Lassen (61)
Campsite at Snag Lake.
Lassen (64)
Room with a view.
GOtgm (27)
Camp chores.
GOtgm (29)
TGM provided libations.
Lassen (67)
Salt (on John's hand), lime slice, tequila - serial margaritas.
Lassen (69)
Looking forward to a rest day at Snag Lake.