Trinity Alps and Ashland 2006

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29 July 2006: We got a late start hiking in the Trinity Alps. Smoke from some distant fires made for an unusual atmosphere. Our first night was in a "just fits" campsite. Not elegant, but it worked. Lots of water in the North Fork of Coffee Creek. Lilium pardalinum.....
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...called Leopard Lily. Aquilegia formosa (Western Columbine). This is the summer retreat of Walter & Agnes Hodges.... ...quite an extensive get-away built in the 1920s. Water from the spring. This zenophilic butterfly seemed delighted at our visit.
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Digitalis pupurea (foxglove) have naturalized along streambanks We left Coffee Creek for the Granite Creek Trail. Pyrola picta (White-veined Wintergreen). Cheery backpacker. Schuler's Gulch was a good water source.