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In late April 2006, Elsa & John headed to Andalucia.
may02 014
The Madrid airport is like another world.
may02 036
Madrid's emblem -- bear eating fruit of strawberry tree.
may02 041
Atoche, Madrid's biggest train station.
We met our friends in Cordoba.
Allen ("TGM") & Pat, with Elsa & John.
may02 046
A native son - Maimonides (B. 1135), philospher & physician.
may02 047
Former minaret of the Mezquita (Mosque) of Cordoba.
may02 050
Pat & Elsa visited Palacio de los Marqueses de Viana....
may02 051
...which (among other attractions) .....
may02 071
...has 14 beautiful patios (courtyards).
may02 056
may02 055
may02 064
Citrus trees line many of the patio walls.
may02 065
Pat checks on tree-to-wall spacing.
may02 093
Each of the patios is named.
may02 091
Pat, admiring the beautiful Patio of Cats.