Lassen 2007

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Lassen (7)
After a cool night in the Warner Valley campground...
Lassen (9)
...we gathered our gear to start backpacking.
GOtgm (1)
Backpacking good!
Lassen (225)
We planned to head northeast, starting on the PCT.
Our route (green) would take us to several lakes.
Lassen (15)
Pat ("The GO"), Allen ("TGM"), and John -- ready for the trail.
Lassen (17)
Heading up Flatiron Ridge.
Lassen (20)
Drakesbad Guest Ranch overlook.
Lassen (19)
Resort pool ("Drakesbad-bad").
GOtgm (2)
Trail lunch.
Lassen (25)
Kings Creek crossing.
Lassen (28)
The GO wisely removed her boots.
Lassen (31)
Dry boots & socks, happy feet.
GOtgm (3)
One of these people left her boots on, not so bright.
Lassen (32)
Boardwalk meadow protection.
GOtgm (5)
Park Place adjacent to Boardwalk.
Lassen (34)
The Grassy Swale had a distinctly autumnal look.
Lassen (23)
Camp in the Grassy Swale or press on to Swan Lake?