Pat's Birthday 2007

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PW2007BD (125)_edited
The Birthday Queen!
PW2007BD (100)_edited
The decade-change must be noted.
PW2007BD (98)_edited
Royal alarm notwithstanding, all is well.
PW2007BD (99)
There are platters of beet carpaccio....
PW2007BD (105)
...Allen's margaritas....
PW2007BD (108)
(TGM = truly good margaritas)
PW2007BD (109)
... and other beautiful foods.
PW2007BD (111)
Cate (in green), Ross, Linda, & TGM with camera.
PW2007BD (112)
John (in sunglasses), Linda, Allen, Pat, Margaret.
PW2007BD (110)_edited
The Birthday Queen!
PW2007BD (113)
All are very content.
PW2007BD (114)
But wait, WHO are these interlopers?
PW2007BD (115)_edited
Don't they look familiar?
PW2007BD (116)_edited
PW2007BD (117)
Just a bit of incomprehension.
PW2007BD (120)
PW2007BD (121)
PW2007BD (122)
Connie, Tommy, & Allen have a bit of explaining to do.