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Map of China & its surroundings. Today, Chengde is a LONG 4-hour drive NE of central Beijing. The 4th & 6th Qing emperors (the jacks) built up the area.... ..for use in summer & also as a rest stop enroute to Manchuria. Accomodations were not exactly rustic. The bronze tri-pod pot is a "Ding" (incense burner).
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Bats symbolize happiness. Elsa & John at edge of Sai Lake (photo by BZ). Lake Center-Pavilions at the Mountain Resort. Prayer wheels at the Putuozongcheng (Little Potola) Temple.
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Just one of many temples built by the Manchurian Qing.... ... in their efforts to cultivate loyalty. The Little Potola Temple (photo by BZ) is a smaller copy... ... of its namesake in Tibet. It may be smaller, but there are still plenty of stairs!