Trinity Alps 2007

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TrinAlp07 061
3 - 7 August 2007 we hiked a stretch of the PCT.
TrinAlp07 001
Like usual, we spent time getting gear together.
TrinAlp07 002
We started at Carter Summit, west of Callahan, CA.
TrinAlp07 003
TrinAlp07 007
TrinAlp07 009
From Carter Summit, we headed east on the PCT.
TrinAlp07 010
TrinAlp07 012
TrinAlp07 016
The first night, we reached an area...
TrinAlp07 019
...near a spring that feeds into the S. Fork of the Scott River
TrinAlp07 032
TrinAlp07 020
We saw no bears on this trip, but took the usual precautions.
TrinAlp07 024
Makes me want to photo-shop in a javelin.
TrinAlp07 033
TrinAlp07 034
Hoist those bags!
TrinAlp07 039
OK, time for a clove hitch.
TrinAlp07 037
Food bags secured.
TrinAlp07 048
Morning in camp.